A Message from Paul

As a longtime resident of Salem, I understand the wonderful potential that exists here for our residents, businesses and visitors. I have worked hard to build a successful life in Salem, and I know that for many it is getting much more difficult to do so. I see working families leaving because of rising taxes and a lack of opportunities. Many seniors who have made Salem their home for most of their life struggle to hold onto their homes. For too long, the people of Salem have been unrepresented by City Hall. I am running for Mayor to give Salem back to the residents and small businesses, and to put an end to deaf leadership and over development.

About Paul Prevey



Paul was born and raised in North Adams, Massachusetts. He has lived in Salem for the past seventeen years.  He spent his first fifteen years living on Tremont Street prior to relocating to his new home on Freeman Road. In 2004, Paul married his partner Saul Barragan.

Paul recently retired from his position within the U.S. District Court.  He served as a federal probation officer for twenty-five years, seventeen of them as a senior officer specializing in substance abuse and mental health.

Paul is no stranger to Salem politics. He served on the Salem City Council from 2006 to 2014. He served as council president in 2009, and as chair of the Administration and Finance Committee in four of his eight years on the council.  As the Ward Six City Councilor, he was instrumental in the formation of the highly successful Mack Park Neighborhood Association. 



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