The City of Salem has undergone considerable growth and development.   Unfortunately, the present administration has yet to meet a project or developer it did not support regardless of impact to local residents.  Far too often, Salem residents have been left to stand alone to fight development supported by the Driscoll administration.  In some cases our neighbors were forced to fight the city to protect their quality of life.  (Examples include the wind turbines at Winter Island in the Salem Willows Neighborhood, the proposed expanded transfer station on Swampscott Road, the expansion of FW Webb into a historic single family neighborhood and the new parking garage at Salem State University.)

The lack of adherence to any master plan providing vision for Salem to properly integrate development has fallen by the wayside under the Driscoll administration.  Instead, numerous disjointed projects have become the norm and not the exception.  In addition, these developments have strained all of Salem’s resources, particularly our fragile infrastructure, while also detracting from the overall historical character and livability of Salem.

Once elected, Paul Prevey will fight for and encourage smart but controlled development.  Paul is committed to ensuring that all future developments in Salem take into account the effect on the quality of life for all Salem residents along with an essential focus on traffic and parking mitigation

Additionally, Paul is concerned with the high impact, dense residential development that has been a consistent theme of the Driscoll administration.   Each development project needs to be considered a piece of the whole that is Salem’s future, not viewed in a vacuum as an individual project.

Are you concerned with the over development in Salem?