Here is where Paul stands on the issues that Salem Residents face:


Senior Citizens in Salem

For too long our Salem's seniors have been ignored. They have been promised a state-of-the-art Community Center for 12 years, but have yet to see that promise come to fruition. Paul is committed to allocating funds for our seniors to make that promise a reality. Paul also understands that Salem's seniors have been significantly effected by the consistent increase in taxes under the current administration. Paul understands that Salem's seniors live on a fixed income; he is committed to ensuring that taxes are not the determining factor in seniors leaving Salem.

Salem Public School System

Paul is committed to restoring trust and faith in Salem's Schools. Over the past twelve years, Salem residents have seen the schools struggle to serve our students. Paul will ensure that every dollar that goes into the School System is for the betterment of the students, not the expansion of unnecessary administrative personnel. Paul believes that the entire Salem Public School System needs a top to bottom audit to resolve deep seated and entrenched problems that have developed over the past decade under the current administration.


High impact, dense residential development has been occurring at many areas throughout the City that will put a strain on resources and infrastructure while detracting from the overall historical character of Salem. Paul is committed to ensuring that all developments enhance the city's character and contribute to the longterm success and vision of Salem.


Over the past 11 years, property taxes have increased significantly making Salem one of the highest tax rates on the North Shore. Many households have seen their taxes double since 2006, but have seen little return on their investment. During that same period, the City’s budget has increased $50 million, an increase of $ 4 million each fiscal year. Salem needs relief from this perpetual tax and spend mentality. It is time that the Mayor recognize the financial constraints on our seniors, families and small businesses before implementing a tax hike. Paul is committed to a dynamic approach to ensure that the city can thrive without tax hikes and city government can operate without waste.

Opiate Crisis

The opiate epidemic continues to plague our community and remains the number one health crisis for our young people. City Hall and the Mayor's office needs to be a resource for individuals struggling with this disease. As a substance abuse specialist, Paul is committed to aggressively pursuing a plan that puts Salem City Government front and center in combatting the opiate crisis on the North Shore.

 Sanctuary City

Recently, the Mayor advocated for the City Council to approve Salem adopting Sanctuary City status. Many people throughout the City believe that the entire city should be able to weigh in on this designation. In response, a citizen organized petition drive formed in order to place the question on the ballot. Paul supports efforts to place this question on the ballot in light of the potential corresponding consequences.