Sanctuary City Ordinance

The Sanctuary City Ordinance, written and then distorted by those seeking to further their political careers, completely disregards the effect the ordinance would have on those they purport to protect.

Nowhere in the country, let alone Salem, do police ask for an individual’s legal status when they are reporting a crime.  Have you ever heard of someone calling 911 and being asked for their legal status?  No, because it does not happen.  Yet that is what the proponents of Sanctuary City Ordinance want you to believe.

Unfortunately, the real issue concerning the Sanctuary City Ordinance is that it defines Salem as a welcoming community for illegal and undocumented immigrants.  The supporters of this measure have refused to address the issue of lessened public safety, increased taxes and burdens on our already stretched schools, infrastructure, fire and police.

Why would Salem need this ordinance?  It will change nothing for individuals already living here.  They will continue to go about their daily lives.  Why put a bullseye on the City of Salem and its residents if and when the federal government comes calling?

The threat of federal funding loss is real.  Washington officials have already stated they would withhold federal money from sanctuary cities.  The two grants that have potential to be impacted are the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, or JAG, which provides funding to local law enforcement, and the Justice Department’s Office of Violence Against Women grants.  This is funding essential to Salem’s public safety. 

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