For far too long, Salem’s seniors have been ignored.  They have been waiting twelve years for a promised state-of-the-art community center and all they have to show for it are piles of dirt.  Mayor Driscoll’s administration has essentially held seniors hostage to subsidize private development on the Boston/Bridge corridor.

Salem seniors deserve their own stand alone senior center and not a shared facility co-mingled with other city departments.  The Council on Aging deserves to have its director report directly to the Mayor and not serve under the Parks and Recreation Department.

The City of Salem must improve access to senior housing.  No senior housing has been built in a generation.  Paul Prevey will encourage development of new and affordable senior housing along with fifty-five plus housing.

Paul Prevey understands that Salem’s seniors have been significantly affected by the constant increase in taxes under the Driscoll administration.  Many Salem seniors are living on fixed incomes and Paul Prevey is committed to ensuring that rising property taxes will not force seniors to sell their homes and leave Salem.

Are you concerned with the lack of affordable senior housing in Salem?