Over the past twelve years, under the high spending Driscoll administration, property taxes have increased significantly making Salem property tax rates some of the highest on the North Shore.  Since 2006, many household and businesses have seen their property tax bill double.  Water and sewer rates have also skyrocketed.  At the same time, the city’s budget has increased $50 million dollars.

Paul Prevey will bring back fiscal responsibility to the city.  The days of uncontrolled spending regardless of the consequences will no longer be the policy.  The financial realities of our seniors, families and small businesses urgently need to be addressed.

Paul is no stranger to the city budget.  As a former city councilor, he spent six years on the Administration and Finance Committee; four of those years as the chairperson.  Paul will use his council experience and knowledge of the budget process to make tough choices while focusing on fiscal policy after twelve years of uncontrolled spending.  Paul is committed to ensuring that the city can thrive with limited tax increases and that Salem government will operate without waste.


Has the rise in property taxes affected your bottom line?